Maybe the Clippers aren’t as good as they led us to believe

Maybe the Clippers aren't as good as they led us to believe

Down again in a 0-2 series, they must make an unlikely comeback to be considered again among the favorites in the Western Conference.

Many ruled out Kawhi leonard, Paul george and company due to the dominance exercised by Luka Doncic in the first round of the playoffs, where the Dallas mavericks They were looking to surprise (?) the world and eliminate the Clippers.

However those led by Tyronn Lue responded, including three victories on the road. Down again in the ante series Utah Jazz, it is true that they face a different kind of deficit.

But regardless, would anyone have been surprised if the Los Angeles Clippers were dispatched in the first round? After having done the same in the 2018-19 season against the Golden State Warriors, Leonard and George came to the California team and expectations totally changed.

Everyone was anticipating a conference final between the two Los Angeles teams, but the Clippers fell by the wayside against Denver nuggets in the Semifinals.

Outside of the bubble, things were supposed to change. This Clippers team was formed to achieve great things, but above all, to stop being “the other Los Angeles team.”

And after a 2020-21 season where it did not seem that they showed their full potential, either due to injuries or their administration, the Clippers appear that they can be better than they show and shut up a lot of mouths.

The Los Angeles Lakers will no longer be there, but Kawhi Leonard and “playoff” Paul George still have time to appear, despite having suffered significant losses for the next few days, Serge Ibaka out of the playoffs with back surgery.

Apparently in the first two games of the series, the ‘Luka’ of this second round is Donovan Mitchell, and Lue and his team should not take long to make the necessary adjustments and not fall into a deep 0-3 abyss.

Many expect more than what they have seen to date from the Los Angeles Clippers and this series against the Utah Jazz is shaping up to be the perfect setting for the team to show that they are as good or better as they led us to believe since the arrival of their two superstars.

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