Other cases similar to Christian Eriksen

Other cases similar to Christian Eriksen

It is not the first case of a high-performance professional athlete who has serious health problems; some of them cost their lives

The player Christian Eriksen vanished in the game between Denmark and Finland and was later reported as stable, a case that joins others that have occurred in soccer worldwide and some of them are mentioned below.

There have been several cases that have arisen of players fainting on the court and one of the most remembered cases was that of the former goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who suffered a heart attack while playing for Porto.

Casillas was in the training of the Dragons when he suffered a heart attack, for which he was treated by the doctors and transferred to a hospital, where he finally saved his life.

Antonio Puerta is another of the cases remembered, after the Sevilla defender fell to the grass in a match in which they faced Getafe in 2007, the player began to wobble and then fell.

The Iberian player got up, but was dizzy and fell back on the pitch, was treated by doctors and transferred to a hospital, where he finally lost his life.

Fabrica Maumba, from Bolton Wanderers, It is another of the elements that suffered a heart attack on the field, this occurred in 2012 and the doctors who treated him made his heart respond, later the player announced his retirement.

In a match between Mali and Ivory Thing, player Moussa Doumba collapsed on the grass and was assisted by Serge Aurier, one of the rival’s elements, who prevented him from suffocating with his tongue, was transferred to a hospital and later reported as stable.

Brazilian defender Paulo Sergio De Oliveira “Serginho”, from Sao Caetano is another case, as he suffered a cardiac arrest in a match against Sao Paulo, within the football of his country and died later.

During A French Cup match in 2017, Burkina Faso defender Ben Idrissa Dermé passed away while playing for Aj Bigiglia after he suffered a heart attack in the second part of the match corresponding to the third round of the fair.

In 2003, at the Confederations Cup, played in France, another similar case was raised, after the Cameroonian Marc-Vivien Foé, who was playing for Manchester City at the time, vanished on the field gambling and lost his life.

That happened in the 78th minute in the match against Colombia, it happened in midfield, he suffered a heart attack, he was treated by doctors, but they couldn’t save him.

The case of ‘Tano’ De Nigris

The ‘Tano’ was a Mexican striker who shone with Monterrey, especially, and in other clubs around the world, especially in Europe. His last team was Larissa from Greece, the city where he died at the age of 31.

While De Nigris did not pass away or collapse on the pitch, the heart problem he had, which was revealed in a later autopsy, was due to a genetic malformation of the heart, a situation that was aggravated by playing soccer.

According to Turkish doctors, the striker knew of his condition and ignored it. After the death, his remains were transferred to Mexico.

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