The MotoGP figure who wants to keep seeing Valentino Rossi on the track: «He has the opportunity»

Valentino Rossi.

After a week full of rumors, Valentino rossi He is already concentrating for the German Grand Prix next week. However, in each interview that is made to all the figures of MotoGP, they will be asked about the possibility that ‘Il Dottore’ will leave the category in the coming weeks due to its poor results, something that the great pilots do not want: «Have the opportunity«.

One of these figures from the Motorcycle World Championship is Andrea Dovizioso. Away from the MotoGP paddock, although it is expected that next season he will be in competition again, the Italian talks about everything and everyone. That is why, when it comes to talking about his compatriot and top idol of the category, he is not short. In his words, Rossi has the decision in his hands, and whatever it is, it will be the correct one.

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To retire or not?

That is the unknown that haunts Valentino’s head. The performance of the Yamaha of the team Petronas it’s definitely bad. However, according to Dovizioso, the decision Rossi makes will not be guided by results. “The heart and passion always rule in the soul of the pilots. Valentino will decide when to stop”, Highlighted the now tester of Aprilia.

Dovizioso assures that Valentino has the door open to any team on the grid, since his name means much more than that of a champion. “He is the only driver who has the opportunity to compete even without fighting for the world title. A condition that has been earned on the track. However, it is not pleasant to see him away from the front positions. His results this year are different than in the past. He will analyze them and reason accordingly ”.

In addition, the former pilot of Ducati Y Sling He believes that if he makes the decision to retire, Valentino’s future will not be far from the paddock, since he will have time for other activities and even for his personal life, something that Valentino very much wishes. “The end of a competitive race is just the inevitable closing of a cycle. He will face it whenever he wants, but a retirement is not necessarily a bad thing ”, sentenced ‘Dovi’.

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