They promise good deed: the face to face between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori was terrifying

Israel Adesanya.

In the preview of UFC 263, Israel Adesanya Y Marvin vettori they warmed the face to face with very racy looks. The Nigerian Middleweight champion will meet again with the Italian, who wants to liquidate him inside the Octagon. Therefore, in what was the face to face between them, both raised the audience present by the tension between them. Everyone is certainly looking forward to this fight.

There is trust in Adesanya

Days ago, the coach of Adesanya, Eugene Bareman, said: “This fight is due to Israel, not because Marvin has reached a certain position. His last fight, I know the people in charge, the people who push the buttons on UFC they weren’t happy with their last fight. And so is the UFC. They don’t want to see someone just lie down and hug someone. They want to advance people that excite them and excite the crowd, and Marvin He didn’t do that.

He showed others! The photo of Israel Adesanya that exploded on social networks

“I know that Israel would like to be more clinical with this victory and make it much more definitive. So that’s the motivating factor. But one of the things we always emphasize at this gym is that you must love what you do. The only way to be successful in this sport is to be absolutely obsessed and love fighting. And that is Israel. And he just wants to fight, “he mentioned.

Vettori feels safe

On the other hand, Vettori She reported: “For me, it’s relevant, but it just showed a lot of things that I already knew. People saw him as the Mayweather of MMA, and he is not. He is not. Jan was doing a great job defensively and then he was able to take him down again. People imagined it as this phenomenon. He’s good, but they hit him, miss a lot of shots and knock him down. I can do all that.

“With Jan, the last time he was shot down, he gave up. He was just laying there. Adesanya, when it comes to the middle of the cage, when they put him down in the middle of the cage and he doesn’t have the cage, he’s pretty useless on the ground to be honest. Kevin Holland is a better jiu-jitsu player than Adesanya hands down. I don’t know what he will do if I knock him down, “he concluded. Marvin, who goes for everything in the UFC 263.

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