What happened to the life of Gallardo’s companions in Nacional?

What happened to the life of Gallardo's companions in Nacional?

Marcelo gallardo He retired, traveled to Buenos Aires to reconnect with his affections and after the break he began to think about his career as a coach. And while all this was happening, life went on. Gallardo became a successful technical director, but what happened to the lives of those footballers who shared the season with the Argentine in National and saw him say goodbye in tears?

Unfortunately, two of his former colleagues lost their lives tragically. Side first Diego Rodriguez, that since he was a child he wore the National shirt until he reached the first team. Gallardo lived all that stage as a club player.

The “Oreja”, as he was known, had a serious traffic accident on the Rambla de Montevideo on September 9, 2010. Due to the impact, his vehicle spun twice in the air. Rodríguez underwent surgery and On the morning of September 11, 2010, after spending two days in a coma, he passed away.

In the first game after the duel, Nacional faced Bella Vista and all the players, including Gallardo, took to the field with the number 21 jersey worn by Oreja. That afternoon the Doll broke his tendon.

In February of this year another tragedy occurred. The “Morro” Santiago García, who used some assists from Gallardo to score goals, he took his life.

On the other hand, many of those boys who were companions of the Doll in Nacional retired from active soccer.

The funny thing is that only one became a coach: the forward Richard Porta, who worked last year at Canadian de la C. He is currently Eduardo Acevedo’s technical assistant at Defensor Sporting. Porta is also a panelist in the program Penalty Point Channel 10.

Alexander Lembo He rejoined the club as a sports manager, but he no longer performs the task.

Of all his former teammates, Gallardo had the opportunity to become coach of one of them outside of Nacional. Tabaré Viudez He played for River Plate under his command.

Ten years later, Facundo Píriz, who played 1,657 minutes that season, returned to play at the institution.

The Argentinian Mariano Pernía, which started the year and later ceased to be taken into account, he dedicated himself to motor racing.

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