What will be the future of Valentino Rossi if he retires from MotoGP?

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi has several goals for this season of MotoGP. The most important point of view for what is to come will be to once again be among the fastest drivers in the championship. However, others await an announcement that will decide the future of the nine-time World Champion. A future, which is not yet official, but which may turn to other horizons.

Valentino Rossi’s father spoke about his son’s future in the last hours and made it clear that the first step for him will be to be competitive. However, the Yamaha of the Petronas team does not accompany ‘Vale’. The Italian has scored very few points so far this year (15), and will look to be able to enter the top ten in the next two races of the year, in Germany Y Holland.

The MotoGP figure who wants to keep seeing Valentino Rossi on the track: «He has the opportunity»


Far from predicting a Valentino ad, Graziano Rossi he repeats over and over that he doesn’t know when or what the end will be. Everything indicates that Valentino will make the decision to withdraw from the category in a few weeks. The team Yamaha He is already working on an impossible task: looking for options to replace the best driver in the history of motorcycling.

The future has several paths. The first of them is just around the corner: your own team. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Rossi will lead the Aramco VR46 Racing Team, MotoGP. Also, Rossi already said that wants to start a family with her current partner, Francesca Novello. However, Rossi’s horizon may also be outside of motorcycles: cars. Graziano Rossi confirmed that Valentino wants to run the 24 Hours of Le Mans, although he did not define when.

“It is the least of his problems (his future). Car racing is his true passion, he is good at it and he is sure to give it a try. He has already said that he would like to race the 24 Hours of Le Mans, an important race with powerful cars. But he will also have to work for the VR46 team, which becomes something very big, “said Graziano in an interview published in the Spanish medium Motosan.es.

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