Will there be a penalty? They liquidate Marcelo Rojo for racism against Deiveson Figueiredo

Marcelo Rojo.

The extraordinary Argentine fighter from UFC, Marcelo red, got into the center of controversy. After a strange message on social networks, from Brazil they liquidated him for racism against the champion Deiveson Figueiredo. Considering his support for Brandon Moreno, it was all beyond laughter. The aforementioned put a filter of an ape with the face of the Rio de Janeiro, making many angry.

At first, Red He said, “I apologize to everyone, people I don’t even know. Wallid is making this bigger than it is, he was just putting filters on Instagram live. I put a lot on all the fighters, I use the baby Yoda, the mustache filter, the jumpsuit, on all the fighters at the press conference, we were joking. Then Figueiredo pushes Brandon and we start screaming, and someone takes the screenshot.

Terrible! This is how Marcelo Rojo’s face remained after his negative UFC debut

«I upload it to have fun, to make jokes so that Figueiredo get madder than it already is, but not to make this a racist thing. I do not know the history of Brazil, I am from Argentina but I hate football, I never watch a complete game, I did not know that it was a real offense for the Brazilian people. I make a big mistake and I regret it. I apologize to the people, I apologize to Wallid, I even apologize to the teacher Rafael Cordeiro “, said the” Pitbull “.

A gesture that generated a lot of repudiation

In addition, Marcelo He commented: “He trained me for six months and explained it to me. Also, this has nothing to do with the Argentine president, I have not lived in Argentina since 2015. It was a big mistake. In Mexico we joke every time in this way and it is a great cultural gap that I missed. And I feel it again. I am telling you that it was a great misunderstanding, I never knew that it was a historical offense in Brazil.

«A girl who works in UFC Later he told me a bit about Brazilian history, what happened, and then he told me about the football matches and everything that happened. But Wallid is making it bigger. And also in Argentina the stupid president was talking about those things. But that was not the intention. We have fun joking like we do all the time. I was putting filters on Instagram. Now I am terrible. Sorry I’m not a bad guy. I am not a racist, “he concluded. Marcelo red.

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