A spectacular comeback: Nate Díaz earned all the applause at UFC 263

Nate Díaz.

After being defeated by Leon edwards, Nate diaz it stayed with the hearts of all the fans. The American fighter extraordinaire was dominated during all five rounds of UFC 263, but he nevertheless had the final blow that could have left him the winner by knockout. It took him a few seconds to get it, but the public celebrated it anyway.

At a press conference, Diaz He said: “They cut me off in training, that’s why we had to delay the fight for a month. I lost all motivation to train and work hard and all that, so I stayed a month to prepare for a war like that. At the end of the day, I feel like he won or whatever, but I feel like I’m the best fighter anyway, and I feel like the top of the fight is what matters anyway in the end. “

Spectacular! Nate Díaz lost, but closed the fight in an impressive way and it is viral

I don’t hate Lion, congrats to him and why would you fight anyone other than the best player if you are going to fight. I wish it had gone my way, but everything is fine. The fight was a finale. In a real fight in the real world, that is an ending. So yes. He was sleepwalking. I just did it winged. I was just going through that fight to get to the next opponent in this whole game, ”he emphasized.

Felt confident

On the other hand, Nate He also indicated the following about the battle this Saturday: “I did not really feel in danger. Of course they cut me off and that sucks, but I wasn’t motivated in training and I was just trying not to use energy anywhere. I was just in cruise control. I want to fight in three or four months. I am ready to go back there. Just to heal.

If he got out unscathed, he would come back next week. I just wasn’t motivated to train anymore because I already worked hard for the next fight in Texas where it was supposed to be. It had to be delayed for another fucking month and it just sucked, so I just rolled with the punches and did what I had to do to get here. ” Nate diaz.

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