And now what comes? Dana White filled Nate Diaz with praise for his comeback

Dana White.

Dana White, President of UFC, spoke at a press conference after the event this Saturday. After an impressive evening at the UFC 263, the «boss» made it clear that he has no idea what may come for the magnificent Nate diaz, who lost by unanimous decision with Leon edwards, but he fell in love with everyone in the stands. Therefore, the American has a chance to stay close to the top.

Initially, White He said: ‘His leg was done in the first round, he spent five rounds kicking his legs, bleeding from both sides of his head. One was dripping this way, in a way dripping this way. I kept doing what brothers do Diaz. He was working the whole fight to get into his head and try to get him to make a mistake.

A spectacular comeback: Nate Díaz earned all the applause at UFC 263

And then he finally caught him in the fifth round. Is incredible. He’s going to ask us for a six-round fight next time. I don’t know what’s next. He is a fan favorite, people love him to win, lose or draw. I do not know. We’ll see what’s next, ”the president also commented, analyzing what happened between Leon edwards Y Nate diaz. Without a doubt, one of the most exciting fights of the evening.

An exciting lap

I had trouble getting into this fight. A few weeks ago I had a cut in my training ground and it killed my moment. Congratulations to Leon edwards, he is a great fighter. This is the army of Nate diaz. I love everyone and appreciate the support you have given me. Today we are going to have a big party at my house. I am waiting for you all and hopefully they will come, “said Díaz, at the end of the fight.

In a subsequent press conference, Nate He said: “They cut me off in training, that’s why we had to delay the fight for a month. I lost all motivation to train and work hard and all that, so I stayed a month to prepare for a war like that. At the end of the day, I feel like he won or whatever, but I feel like I’m the best fighter anyway, and I feel like the top of the fight is what matters anyway in the end. “

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