Controversial! Lewis Hamilton harshly criticized Formula 1: “I don’t get it”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton is the maximum figure of the Formula 1. However, the seven-time World Champion is not shy when it comes to talking about what happens in the sport. As is usual in him, criticism of social and environmental issues is usually very striking, and this weekend was no exception. Lewis openly criticized the path the category organization is taking: “I do not get it”, He assured.

The pilot of Mercedes he was very critical of the way cars grow in shape every year. In his words, this increase in weight and size greatly harms the environment. Currently, a Formula 1 weighs approximately 1000 kilos (with fuel), so it would be necessary to change some parameters of the cars for this to be modified.

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I don’t understand why we get heavierI don’t particularly understand it when it comes to being more sustainable and sport is going in that direction. By going heavier and heavier and heavier, you are using more and more energy. So I think that this is not going in the right direction or in the right way of thinking for the times, “fired the seven-time World Champion, as confirmed by the Spanish media Marca.

On the other hand, Hamilton stressed that previously the cars were suitable for the sustainability campaigns that Formula 1 currently proclaims. “The lighter cars were more agile and they weren’t that big, so racing and maneuvering the car was better. The tracks on which we compete are being widened, but now the car is so big that it is too big for the track and overtaking is complicated, ”he added.

As is usual for him, Hamilton has already started his own campaign to change the weights of the cars, something that will be difficult to do. “As I’ve pointed out, as we get heavier and heavier, we have more energy to dissipate, bigger brakes, more brake dust, and more fuel to get it to the location, and so on, so I don’t understand this path.” sentenced.

Source: Official Twitter Formula 1

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