Formula 1: the status of the championship after six dates

Fórmula 1

The fight for the world title of the Formula 1 it’s red hot. Although this weekend, the category will take a break before a run of three races in a row, many are still analyzing the state of the championship, which is the best in recent years. Lewis hamilton Y Max verstappen They lead the championship comfortably in the table, but they should not make mistakes to continue to increase their advantage over the rest.

The shadow of Czech Pérez after the victory in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix It can be dangerous for both of them, but it should be noted that were it not for the mistakes, the Mexican would have been left behind. Although Verstappen was more consistent in his results, Hamilton is still on the prowl, waiting for the young Dutchman to fall at some point.

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“Max would easily have won in Baku and extended his advantage. He knows he has a very fast car. He has everything he needs this year and, therefore, has a real chance of winning the World Cup ”, said the former driver of Ferrari, Gerhard berger. The Austrian is not wrong. Verstappen has a unique chance in his sports career: to win a top flight title.

The last time Hamilton lost a Formula 1 championship was in 2016. Nico Rosberg he was left with a battle that lasted years for him. It wasn’t just getting a trophy. For the German, who repeated the milestone achieved by his father Keke rosberg, it was a tremendous wear. So great was the battle, that Rosberg withdrew after getting his only crown: the job was already done.

Verstappen can match this epic. The Dutchman has been battling Hamilton for two years and Valtteri Bottas. Today the Finn is far from being in a competitive rhythm, so Max’s greatest rival will be the seven-time champion. The first rounds were left in his hands, and now he must knock out Lewis in the next few races. The battle is long, and anything can happen.

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