Giant Champions! The enormous respect between Israel Adesanya and Brandon Moreno

Israel Adesanya.

After the big event this Saturday, Israel Adesanya Y Brandon Moreno they crossed paths in the stadium. The two champions of the UFC 263 they congratulated each other and left a viral image on social media. Of course, both are deserved leaders in their divisions, so many believe they will reign for a long time to come. However, the Nigerian and the Mexican showed enormous respect for each other.

Historic victory

In the co-star of the night, Brandon Moreno got into the big story of UFC. After submitting Deiveson Figueiredo in the third round, the Latino became the first fighter from Mexico to win a title in that company. It was justly deserved, as he had won the first two rounds. For this reason, after drawing in the initial battle, in this he dominated the Brazilian and is the new flyweight champion.

He finished it! They claim that Israel Adesanya is not the best of the UFC middleweights

Upon receiving the belt, Brown He spoke to Rogan and said: “Joe, this moment is really incredible. This life, this thing that is happening to me. UFC kicked me out, I was on the edge of my life. But look at me now, with the champion belt. I worked really hard for this. Look at me now, holding this. It’s really amazing. It is beautiful to see this. All my hard work and dedication paid off. I’m so happy”.

New show of power

As happened in the first match between them, Israel dominated with distance, with more than 35 kicks to Marvin’s right leg. That hurt the Italian too much, who in the last three rounds was very hurt in that area. Vettori searched with some takedowns, but Adesanya He again demonstrated the reason why he accumulates a 21-1 in his favor. Now, sit on your throne for a while longer.

After retaining the title, Adesanya He told Joe Rogan, “I told him that at the end of the day we don’t care for each other, but we show some respect. I told him I won, he said no. Then I replied to keep thinking what you want. Nothing surprised me. I didn’t get up at the press conference because I didn’t feel any fear. One of my companions who was coming up to get to UFC he was assassinated, I dedicate this to him ».

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