This was the hot confrontation between Julio César Chávez and Héctor Camacho

Careo entre JC Chávez y Héctor Camacho Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Y Hector Camacho Jr. experienced an intense confrontation prior to their exhibition match on June 19, at the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara.

During the conference, tempers warmed after Camacho Jr. verbally attacked JC, after the presenter challenged him to say the insults to his face.

“I don’t know about v3rg @”, he said Camacho Before a question from the host of the event, who later invited him to stand up and repeat his words to the former champion. “It is an honor to face JC and I know it is your last exhibition, but I ask you not to go beyond v3rg @ ”.

The words pissed off JC and later they exchanged shoves for a few seconds, but the incident did not pass to greater, beyond an exchange of insults in which Chavez he told Camacho preparing for a beating.

“I’m going to give you a fuck, it’s my last fight and I’m going to give you a fuck,” he said. “As I am old I am going to beat you, we are going to see on Saturday. And I’m not going to calm down, since this fight is not an exhibition, it’s serious, nor mothers that I calm down ”.

JC revealed that at first he did not want to accept the fight because of the difference of 16 years between one fighter and another, but finally he remembered that he wanted to relive that experience.

“I think that many did not see that fight, but it was the most mediatic fight in history, it paralyzed everything. Mexico“, He said Chavez at a press conference. “At first, when they told me about the fight, I thought they were crazy and that I was too young for me and that I was going to give a shit.”


The confrontation with Camacho father was given on September 12, 1992 in Las Vegas and ended with the Mexican triumph on the cards by 119-119, 120-107 and 117-111.

Before the fight, Camacho father always spoke loudly about beating up JC and send it back to Mexico.

Chavez He also told some reporters his plans for the future, although he did not elaborate on any of them and made it clear that his concentration is fully on the fight with Camacho Jr.

“The most important thing is my film, then a series with Roberto Duran, but the most important thing is the fight ”, he commented.

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