Video: Romain Grosjean’s car catches fire again months after his accident

Romain Grosjean

The French pilot Romain Grosjean had to get out of his car in the middle of the race IndyCar Series due to a technical fault that caused the car to catch fire. The news caught the attention of fans of the Formula 1 because Grosjean had suffered a shocking accident late last year in Bahrain. Fortunately, the 35-year-old was not injured.

Good scare was Grosjean in the IndyCar race this Saturday, which ended up taking the Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson in the Detroit Grand Prix. The competition was marked by two stoppages for crashes that damaged the circuit. Will Power had an engine failure and Frenchman Grosjaen brought the race to a halt with five laps remaining to remove the car and repair the track, prompting a late restart with Australian Power leading the way.

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The images of Grosjean getting out of the burning car generated concern but in the end everything was calm because it was only a fault in the engine that he was able to fix without incident. Inevitably many remembered his accident in Bahrain in December 2020 but Grosjean brought reassurance. “I worry about my racing cars,” wrote the French driver on his Twitter account replying to the video of his mishap.

The particular message that Grosjean received

Grosjean received the particular message from the official Twitter of the Paris Fire Brigade, who wrote the following: “Grosjean if you want to be a volunteer firefighter, just go to the fire station- #pompiers the closest one. We will welcome you with pleasure. You definitely have all the skills that go well in addition to being fire resistant! ” The pilot replied with laughing emojis and took the situation lightly.

Ericsson Triumph

Ericsson’s victory equaled an IndyCar class record with seven different winners in the first seven races of the season. Swede Felix Rosenqvist crashed out of turn six on lap 25 and, after three laps at low speed, the race was stopped for 78 minutes in order to repair the track. Rosenqvist was conscious, alert and stable with injuries that were not threatening to life or limbs, according to race medical officials, but he complained of pain and was taken to a nearby hospital for examination.

The moment of the flames

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