Will it be able to? Carlos Felipe seeks to intimidate a UFC Heavyweight star

Carlos Felipe.

This saturday night Carlos Felipe achieved a gigantic victory in the UFC 263. But, before defeating Jake Collier in the first fight of the night, he spoke with MMA Fighting and fired hard at another star. Is about Greg hardy, a very powerful fighter for the company. Understanding that he had everything to win this weekend, he took the opportunity to look to the future.

Starting with his words, Philip He acknowledged: ‘I really would love to beat Greg hardy. I don’t like him at all since the first time I saw him in UFC, especially because of its track record. And he is arrogant. I’d really love to punch him. I love beating big wrecked guys. Put them against the chubby and let’s see who wins. I don’t think it’s that good.

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“For me, he’s just size and a heavy hand, and his hand isn’t that important either. I think it would be a perfect match for me in terms of style and he can’t keep up with me. His hype has to do with size and being controversial, but I’m not impressed. I can list 15 lighters that are better than him, “said the great fighter.

Great self esteem

On the other hand, Carlos He stated: «Yorgan De Castro is better than him, as are Justin Tafa and Sergey Spivak. So, to me, it sucks. I think the main thing in this fight is cardio. He is not used to all that weight even though he has fought in this division before. I’m sure he won’t be able to keep up with me because all that weight will play against him in this fight. “

I could be dead, but it’s automatic, I go into zombie mode and keep moving forward and people can’t keep up. It will collapse. I will put so much pressure that he will quit. I do not think we will reach the third round, “he concluded. Carlos Felipe, who is doing very well in the Heavyweight of UFC. Now, he is confident of continuing to advance among the best in the division.

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