You made fun of him! Israel Adesanya ridiculed Marvin Vettori in the middle of a fight and it is viral

Israel Adesanya.

In the stellar of UFC 263, Israel Adesanya He was so confident that he could even joke with his rival. Marvin vettori he was completely ridiculed by the Nigerian champion, who not only took the belt home again, but mocked the Italian on several occasions. De slapped his buttock, then simulated an eye sting and even fell to the ground as if in great pain.

In that sense, Adesanya He mentioned at the press conference: “I don’t know because even at the end of the fight, I was like, ‘At least you can say I won that one.’ He’s like, ‘What? East? East?’ I was like, ‘Are you serious? I won that. ‘ I was like, ‘Oh no. We can not. We can not’. Eric Cartman’s mindset, man. You have to believe your own nonsense, sometimes. Did you say I believe my own hype?

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But wow, after that, who’s believing his own hype? After my last fight, I won’t say who, but some people thought I won that fight. Certain people in my camp thought I won that fight, but I was like, ‘No, it was close, but I’ll take the’ L ‘from that one and grow. I will learn. ‘ If I wanted to have his mentality, I would stick with that, “he said.

They can’t with him

In the same line, Israel He commented, ‘I’d keep chasing Jan and he’s so stupid. This is not how you grow up. The way it grows is that it learns from its mistakes. You go back to the drawing board and improve. You get better with them. The ‘L’ are part of life. Losses make you better. I don’t know where this whole ‘Oh you suffered a loss and now you’re done’ mentality comes from. No, it is part of life. Take it and let it improve you ».

My advice to him would be to look in the mirror tonight, maybe not tonight. Give it a week. Let things calm down. Look in the mirror and say, ‘Look, Israel is better than you. Israel is better than you. Izzy is so much better than you. You couldn’t do shit to him, but I’m going to get better with this. ‘ I swear his next fight will get better if he does the job right. But you have to let it go. You have to let it go », he closed Israel Adesanya.

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