A controversial injury: Jamahal Hill spoke after Paul Craig broke his arm

Jamahal Hill.

In the UFC 263, the stellar began rugged, after Jamahal hill I ended up with a broken arm. Paul craig he was the one who defeated him, but hurting him in one of his arms. In addition, the referee of the fight did not stop her in time and everything triggered a giant series of criticisms on social networks. The extraordinary Scottish fighter was left with an impressive victory, although his rival was injured and was not happy.

Taking into account that Jamahal hill he had to retreat from the octagon with his arm totally broken, shaking the fans, many pointed against Paul and the referee of the fight. In this way, with images that left several with their mouths open, the Scotsman managed to defeat his rival, whom he continued to beat because the referee decided that it was so. Given that, the UFC also had to endure harsh words.

Terrible! Paul Craig breaks Jamahal Hill’s arm at UFC 263

It all happened in the first round, when Craig got a good shot before Hill, breaking his arm immediately. On the screens you could see how Jamahal made the decision to tap several times, but Al Guinee, the referee inside the cage, did not put a full stop. In turn, the Scotsman looked at the referee and told him what was happening, but he did nothing about it.

Therefore, after the victory, Paul craig He spoke to Joe Rogan and mentioned the following about it: “I am the jiu-jitsu fighter. I realized that he had broken his arm seconds before. It didn’t make sense to keep putting pressure on his arm and that’s why I started hitting him. I’ve seen a lot of injuries, but I never want fights to end that way. Without a doubt, he did not want to hurt his opponent.

Hill’s release

“I’m good !!! To the people who support me, I love you all !! @PCraigmma thanks for the lesson. I will come back and be stronger thanks to her !!! This is part of the game and I will accept it and keep moving forward! ”Was what he wrote Jamahal hill on his social networks, making it clear that he will try to come back stronger than ever. In addition, Dana White said that the most important cage in the world is looking forward to it.

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