Borré’s first game starter: the invisible sacrifice kept him from the goal

Borré's first game starter: the invisible sacrifice kept him from the goal

Rafael Borré played his first game as a first baseman with the Colombian National Team. He spent the 90 minutes against Ecuador in the Copa América in a more willful task and without prominence in the area.

The tone of the debut in the continental tournament made his work of effort and struggle invisible. Ecuador appealed to their physical game to run over, confuse and drag Colombia to defend the 1-0 victory very close to David Ospina.

In that environment, the commitment for Borré was disputed, used to River Plate to collide with the centrals, to take them out to the sides and find their best profile in the area. That commitment to solidarity sustains him as the owner in the demand of Marcelo Gallardo.

In his first game as a starter in the National Team he did the same, but much further from the goal, as the team waited in midfield to press. In that area, the Barranquillero deployed his energy to contain the Ecuadorian exit and, incidentally, connect with the offensive midfielders.

That physical wear and tear helped in the collective plan that Rueda resorted to to manage the advantage. He looked more like a soldier of that cause than a lopsided striker.

He did not have shots to the goal of Pedro Ortiz but he did have enough air to support William Tesillo on the mark down the left in the final minutes. Tireless, he accepted this thankless but valuable mission.

The entry of Duván Zapata in the last ten minutes gave him a break in those duels with the defenders to play further back, although with the same responsibility.

The DT valued his game, fundamental in this debut hurried by the Copa América.

“Several men were given the opportunity and I consider that they fulfilled with dignity and dedication. One always wants more, but the team’s commitment and what they have assimilated in concepts was very valuable. We must continue to improve and demand ourselves. It is a great step in this difficult group, “concluded Rueda.

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