Confirmed! MMA legend retired at UFC 263

UFC 263.

The Saturday that happened, in the UFC 263, a legend of the MMA he fought his last battle as a professional. Is about Demian Maia, the experienced 43-year-old Brazilian wrestler. He lost by decision to Belal Muhammad and, after that, Dana White made it clear that he will not continue with the company. The president of the promotion was forceful, although the decision had already been made by the carioca.

It should be noted that the professional record of Maia he was 28-11, with Saturday’s defeat added. But nonetheless, the impressive notable victories over Ben Askren, Jorge Masvidal, Carlos Condit, Neil Magny, Jon Fitch and Chael Sonnen stand out in the numbers. In turn, he also had the luxury of competing for the UFC Welterweight Middleweight titles, being applauded by everyone in the world.

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Initially, White He said, ‘I think it was his last fight. It was the last fight in their deal. He is 43 years old. He’s been so good getting in there, securing the takedown, getting on top of people and just strangling them or grabbing something and twisting it until you quit, and he couldn’t do it tonight. He’s 43, he’s a great guy, he’s had a great career, and yeah, I’d say that’s probably it. “

Maia’s words

“The man who went in there and represented jiu-jitsu,” closed Dana. Later, Maia He commented, “Everything I train, boxing, it’s all about moving to understand how to use my jiu-jitsu there. And to be remembered as a man who believed in certain principles and did not change with the flow. I have to behave in a certain way as a fighter. When I was on my winning streak, a lot of people said things. “

To close, Demian He said: “I remember everyone saying, ‘You have to talk a lot of nonsense, you have to do this and that, or you will never fight for the title.’ And I thought to myself, if I changed things because it’s convenient, I think I would regret it. You can change what you believe when it goes according to your personal evolution, not because it is convenient. You cannot have different principles. That’s something I would have regretted a lot, as a man, if I had.

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