Impressive! Israel Adesanya could have his next UFC rival

Israel Adesanya.

Israel Adesanya, Middleweight champion of UFC, you could have everything ready for your next step. After defending his title very well with Marvin Vettori, the Nigerian continues to think about what is coming and does not rest. He identifies as an active fighter, so he is expected to return soon. In a press conference after the event, Dana White made it clear that she would go against Robert Whittaker again.

Starting with his sayings, Adesanya He said, “Well, you know, old mozzie, my arch nemesis, that other idiot, what’s his name? Whittaker. Bobby Knuckles. I knocked him out twice. I don’t know what the heck is going to happen to all this COVID stuff, but we have to do that in Auckland. We need to rerun that on my turf this time. I’ll tell you whenever. You don’t decide, I can decide, why? I’m the fucking king, bitch.

He broke the silence: Marvin Vettori spoke after falling with Israel Adesanya

“That’s what I love about Adesanya. He, before this fight happened, maybe two or three days ago, we found out that ‘I want to fight again in October’. He hasn’t even fought yet and this kid is already talking about his next fight. I love that. Adesanya has become a very tough champion for us. So yeah, we’ll find out about him and Whittaker as soon as possible. ” Dana White.

It’s ready?

Are you talking about New Zealand or Australia? I really doubt it. That’s like asking if we can go to Canada in October. They’re pretty much in the same boat, ”White said. Given this, Israel mentioned: “I don’t wait, they already know me. This is my third fight in nine months. I don’t wait like the rest of these guys, the rest of these champions who talk about being active. I don’t talk about it, I just do it. I am an active champion.

To close, Israel Adesanya he dictated: ‘I’m putting it in the universe, in the ether that I want it in Auckland, but I don’t like a lot of free time, especially now that I’m in my prime. So yeah, could you open Fight Island number three? Fight Island for the third time, but if not, maybe somewhere in America. But it would be amazing if it were in Auckland and I could do it on my own turf.

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