Nicolás Orsini: “I hope the public will return soon, playing in La Bombonera is like entering a cage of lions”

Nicolás Orsini: "I hope the public will return soon, playing in La Bombonera is like entering a cage of lions"

Nicolás Orsini is the first reinforcement that came to Boca Juniors in this market of passes, thinking about the next season in which the Xeneize will have to face a triple competition. In dialogue with The Boca channel, Orsini confessed that “since he was little” he dreams of playing in Boca. And he explained: “When you watched the games and saw the kind of players who played here, you always got excited about doing that. All the effort you make, having the chance to play for a club like Boca fills me with pride and happiness.” .

“This finds me in my best moment, to be in Boca you have to be like this. I hope things are given to me, the club helps me grow and I can help them,” said the former Lanús.

And he continued to praise his new club: “Boca is used to competing in everything, to being a finalist, to always winning and that demands and commits you. It forces you to have to be focused and live for the club, more Beyond always being a professional, these clubs have a lot of people and a lot of history. “

Among other outstanding phrases the forward also affirmed:

“I am very happy, it was made to wait a bit but all the effort of my life pays off”

“I tried to go back to my town because I knew the signing could be delayed. In this stretch that was going to be a vacation I had my mind on Boca”

“In Lanús I was accompanying Pepe (Sand) and I felt very comfortable. I have many references, I take different things from each player that can help me improve. I have to listen to the coach, adapt to his idea and understand that one is a piece of the team”.

“My grandparents are from Boca and when Palermo painted his bangs I painted it on me. But on the court it was difficult to imitate Palermo, he was unique, he had a forward nose that only he had. I looked at him and tried to learn.”

“Hopefully people will return soon, I have had to play in La Bombonera with people and without people. And with people it is much better. Entering that court is like entering a cage of lions”

And he closed with a message for the fans: “tell the fan that I am here to add, I hope things go well, I have the same illusion as them. I want to score a lot of goals and celebrate at the end of each season.”

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