Scaloni, after Argentina’s debut against Chile in the Copa América: “The goals are going to come”

Scaloni, after Argentina's debut against Chile in the Copa América: "The goals are going to come"

Lionel scaloni He spoke after the 1-1 draw of the Argentine National Team against Chile for the first date of Group A of the Copa América, highlighting the first half of the team and assuring that they suffered in the complement for “specific errors”.

“It was 10 or 12 minutes of the second half where by specific plays they generated danger and got the penalty. From there it was uphill, beyond the fact that we generated many situations and we deserved to win”said the Albiceleste coach.

As in the tie for the South American Qualifiers match, Argentina created several scoring situations against Chile, but could not secure victory.

On that lack of forcefulness, Scaloni said: “The goals will come. The team generates and it is the most important thing. We would be worried if that did not happen. They will already enter, no problem”.

The DT also referred to the next game against Uruguay, the state of the playing field and possible changes in the team.

All the statements of Lionel Scaloni at the press conference:

“It is evident that the team that generated a lot. In the end what counts is to put it inside and today we did not put it in”

“We are left with the positive: the team line is good, beyond that we did not get the result we wanted”

“I think the two or three cons they generated us were after a corner of ours because they are fast. There are always things to correct and we will work on that”

“Having played better on this field of play says a lot. Suddenly we find ourselves on a field that after 10 minutes. The state of the field is unfortunate, the same thing that happened yesterday in Colombia-Ecuador. They will explain to me how they will do to put it right . It was a field more for another sport than for soccer “.

“We need a playing field in conditions to try to play with the footballers that we have.” “The important thing is that the tournament is long and the team feels confident.”

“I have a very rich squad and everyone can play. Di María entered well today and can be an option like the rest of the teammates”

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