And now? A Formula 1 team closes the doors to Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas he is at the worst moment since his arrival at Mercedes. The Finnish driver did not score points in three races, of the six disputed in the championship of the Formula 1 and he quickly walks away from the fight for the title and above all, from his teammate Lewis hamilton. In addition, in the last hours a strong rumor began to circulate that he would be fired at the end of the season.

As confirmed by the Italian media Sky Sports in the last week, Bottas will not renew his contract with the Mercedes team. In this way, it would end its link with the German structure and be replaced by George Russell. However, the Finn does not want to talk about this possibility and has already begun to pressure Mercedes with a possible renewal for next season.

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“Surely the time will come to negotiate. Time flies and with the racing triplet we will not have time. I imagine that in a month or so we will start talking. I know from previous experience that the best thing for everyone is that you have to solve it as soon as possible. It will soon be time, but it is not yet, ”said Bottas this week.

In the last hours, Bottas lost a great chance. Helmut Marko, team advisor Red bull, gave his opinion on the pilot market that will open in the coming weeks, and did not escape the controversy of Bottas. “It would be a logical step (For Russell to go to Mercedes). They can’t leave George in Williams more time. If they do not make that move, the promotion would no longer make sense, although it does not make Hamilton happy, “he said.

Red Bull said No

On the other hand, Marko wanted to anticipate rumors that may reach the press and ruled out the possibility that Valtteri Bottas will reach Red Bull. “Bottas doesn’t even have to call us. There’s no space. In fact, I can only imagine him swapping his seat with Russell. Williams is the only viable option for him, ”said the Austrian surprisingly.

Source: Official Twitter Mercedes AMG F1

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