Asked for one more: Demian Maia wants a historical UFC legend to retire

Demian Maia.

After losing in the UFC 263, Demian Maia it’s further away than near the MMA cage. At the words of Dana White, the President of the company, who said there will be no more for him, responded with force. The Brazilian used his social networks to make clear what he thinks about it, so he had the luxury of asking for a last battle, which would be before a historical legend.

That way, on Instagram, Maia He started by saying the following about it: “Last night I tried very hard and unfortunately I couldn’t give my best performance. Despite how frustrated I am, I kept trying until the end and that is now a thing of the past. I am already looking forward because I know that time passes quickly and I will not do it for much longer.

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«Nate diaz , I saw your date at the press conference and I think you’re great too. You are a great fighter who also represents jiu-jitsu and you are real, I respect that. Regardless of what happened last night, I know I still have a fight left, and it’s no secret that I feel like UFC It is my home, where I want to finish my career ”, he also added to his words.

Find the best closure

Regarding your wishes, Demian made it clear that he is looking for one last fight in his career, which should be just before Nate diaz. Therefore, he mentioned: «Now, I have no idea if they will give me another fight, but if they do, it would be an honor for me to do my last MMA fight with you, someone who always comes to fight, who represents Brazilian jiu-jitsu already who I respect ».

“I have had a long career, I fought almost everyone and proudly represented jiu-jitsu to the best of my ability. If I have one more, I don’t want to waste it on someone I don’t respect. So if you want it and the UFC wants to do it, it will happen and it will be my last dance. Much respect, “he concluded Demian Maia. Now, we will have to wait to find out what will happen to his career.

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