Be saved from Milagro! The crash in the World Superbikes that could have ended in tragedy

Mundial de Superbikes

This weekend a new date of the Championship World Superbikes in which one of the most spectacular miracles in the motor world was experienced. In the circuit of Misano, in the category Supersport 300, the pilot Ton kawakami had a strong fall, it is the full main straight of the Italian circuit. This made us think the worst, especially after the experience with the death of Jason Dupasquier.

Kawakami suffered a ‘Highside’ or ‘Side by Side’ at the exit of the last corner of the Misano circuit. Due to this, he lost control of his motorcycle. Although the rider wanted to avoid the crash at all costs, he did not control enough a motorcycle, which was already lost. After this, he flew off the main straight, being at the mercy of other pilots, waiting for the worst of the finals.

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When the rider fell, he immediately turned around, hoping that some motorcycle would take him away. However, the great skill of the pilots and an unexpected miracle, caused that none of the competitors collided with Kawakami. The pilot was inert, scared and defenseless in the middle of the main straight of the layout of the area of ​​the Emilia-Romagna.

“There was very little grip on the track, I was pressing and the bike skidded me, I tried to save the fall, but I fell. Then, everything went very fast, I saw myself there and I just wanted everyone to pass, ”a frightened driver told the Spanish newspaper Marca. In addition, Kawakami is very religious and assured that what happened was the work of some divine being.

“I am a Catholic, although I also believe in some Buddhism. On Sunday I prayed for an hour in the morning. I asked for luck for the race and I got it ”, he confirmed to the same newspaper. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries or major accidents to mourn. However, this situation caused the biggest scare in recent days in the motor world.

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