“Does everything right”: The incredible praise of a Formula 1 idol for Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher

The beginning of Mick schumacher on the Formula 1 it was not overly attended. The son of the seven-time champion, Michael Schumacher, reached the highest category with the team Haas, the worst in the paddock. However, many say that Mick is one of the great promises. One of them is Gerhard berger, his father’s former teammate: “Does everything right“, he pointed.

Many drivers cannot stand out due to the poor performance of the cars they use. One of them is Mick Schumacher. At the controls of a Haas, which has millions of problems, the young German can do little to fight for victories, not even for points. However, little by little he is establishing himself in Formula 1, consistently beating his teammate Nikita Mazepin.

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“Does everything right”

Gerhard Berger, a former teammate of Michael Schumacher, drew praise for Mick. In his words, the Haas man has everything to make a great race in Formula 1. “Mick Schumacher does everything well. He offers exactly what can be expected of him given the circumstances: he beats his teammates, he makes clean runs, he makes few mistakes, “he said.

In addition, he assured that it would not be fair to compare the career that Mick is doing with the extensive palm groves of his father. “It is foreseeable that he will be a good Formula 1 driver. Where will he arrive? It will be seen. The steps of his father, with whom he could be compared, are enormous. So I don’t think this comparison is entirely fair, “confirmed the former driver of Ferrari.

“Typical Schumacher”

“You can see how you can read and analyze the races. He’s a typical Schumacher. You can see that he is a fast learner and absorbs everything. Even if Haas is not a superior team, after just a few races it has clearly shown that it is number one at Haas. That is a success. That is why I believe in their future ”, added Berger in an interview for the German media Sport1.

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