France vs. Germany – Party Report – June 15, 2021

France vs.  Germany - Party Report - June 15, 2021

MUNICH – An own goal by Mats Hummels, in the 20th minute, gave France a 1-0 victory over Germany in a game in which the two teams made a great tactical and physical display with superiority of the French in regarding arrivals at the door

Hummels scored at his own goal when he tried to deflect a cross thrown by Lucas Hernández from the left of the area that was looking for Kyllian Mbappé.

However, much of the damage to the German defense had been done before, with a diagonal pass from Paul Pogba that left Lucas Hernandez quite free inside the area.

The play was a sample of the basic offensive recipe of France, the current world champion, with changes of front looking for empty spaces that would leave the line of five with which Germany was defending, which had started having enough possession of the ball although with many difficulties to reach to door.

France, on the other hand, when it began to take the initiative, began to arrive with a certain danger. Before the goal there were two dangerous situations, a header from Pogba after a corner kick on 15th and a shot from Mbappé on 17th that Manuel Neuer had to deflect to a corner.

Germany tried to get there but France closed the center well and except for a deflected header from Thomas Müller in the 23rd there were no clear approaches in the first half. The goal against affected the approach of Joachim Low’s side quite a bit, who at the beginning had wanted to raise the problem from possession and avoid rushing after reaching the goal.

Germany had good phases in the second half. A great occasion at the feet of Serge Gnabry in 54 and moments of pressure. However, the French closed spaces well and also began to have spaces to seek the counterattack.

Two goals, one to Mbappé and the other to Karim Benzema, were annulled for offside. A shot from Rabiot hit the post. Another occasion was saved at the last minute by Hummels when he beat Mbappé in extremis.

France not only resisted but was close to expanding their advantage against a German team that never gave up but found no loophole to avoid a defeat that significantly complicates their life and that relaunches the proposal, serious and attractive, at the same time, from the set of Didier Deschamps.

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