He defended it: Michael Bisping’s viral words about Nate Díaz and Leon Edwards

Michael Bisping.

Behind the UFC 263, Michael bisping he was critical of one of the most anticipated fights of the night. That’s why, on her Believe You Me podcast, she talked about what happened between Nate diaz Y Leon edwards, where the British was left with a decision in favor, although he could be knocked out at the end of the battle. In that sense, the former champion of the company that Dana White commands was forceful.

Starting, Bisping He said: “Leon edwards, What are you doing? What are you doing? He dominated that fight, don’t get me wrong Diaz he’s so tough and he made him so entertaining the whole time, every time he was playing, turning his back on him and all the antics and talking to him. Diaz is very tough and makes every fight exciting. That’s why he has so many fans, but Edwards was dominating that fight and it was almost like he couldn’t do anything wrong.

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Leon needed to go out and beat Nate diaz, take away all his fans and then become a family name in mixed martial arts. Unfortunately, now the narrative isn’t just about the four and a half rounds of extreme dominance Leon Edwards put on it. But the narrative now is that if there had been one more round, Nate would have hit him. outside. If this had been on the street Lion it would be finished, “he communicated.

Nothing was saved

Michael, for his part, also indicated: «It is so Leon edwards. I feel sorry for the boy. It’s just not bad luck. You can’t call it going out and beating Nate Diaz by a dominant decision, 49-46, that’s not bad luck. That’s a great night at the office. It’s so Leon Edwards! The guy is on a 10-fight undefeated streak, he’s got all the momentum, he’s beaten great fighters, and he just beat Nate Diaz, but in the end, people talk about Nate diaz and how hard it is.

He needs an ending. It has to end. And I can’t say that, I had a lot of decisions. I am not saying this from a negative point of view. It would be a very different discussion right now if I was done with Nate diaz. I feel sorry for him because it is almost not fair, which is not said in the sport of fighting. Everyone talks about Díaz and how tough he is and the rest, and not about León, who kicked him in four and a half rounds! ” Michael bisping.

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