It got spicy! Colby Covington smashed Kamaru Usman and asks for her to appear

Colby Covington.

Few hours ago, Colby covington shot hard at Kamaru usman, the current Welterweight champion. The Nigerian division leader could be the American’s next step in UFC, so the aforementioned is furious and seeks to destroy it as soon as possible. Outside of having lost in the first fight between them, talking to What the Heck, he was confident.

At first, Covington He said, ‘They’re just waiting for Marty. Ever since he beat that fragile guy, ‘Street Judas’ Jorge Masvidal, he’s been running. But he has just discovered that there is nowhere left to hide. You will have to face being inside that octagon sooner rather than later. So as soon as his balls stop shrinking and he returns to the ground, he can fight me again.

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But the thing is, it’s off the grid. You probably have your phone in airplane mode, you are denying all calls from UFC. He does not want to sign the contract. Just wait for an alien invasion to happen where you can choose another light wash to fight. That fight was definitely not of importance to the division. You have Nate Diaz, a Stockton Lightweight soy kid, ”he mentioned.

Wants to destroy it

In addition, Colby He commented: “I don’t know if he ever won a Welterweight fight, and if he has, he definitely has a losing record. I don’t know the last time he won a fight overall. Five years ago? So he’s on his way for the fight that Leon Edwards has. UFC he knows he turned down a lot of fights and wasn’t ready to fight. I was ready. Stop hiding in your ‘home country’ in Africa. “

“We know that you only returned there because it is the first time you have returned to Africa. So stop hiding from me in Africa, go back to America and let’s make this deal. The UFC he attacked me well, and I’m happy with him. But this is the opportunity that propels me to another level within sports and within the world of MMA in general, so I am looking forward to it. This will lead to bigger and better fights in the future, which is what I want more than anything. Colby covington.

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