Paraguay vs. Bolívia – Party Report – June 14, 2021

Paraguay vs.  Bolívia - Party Report - June 14, 2021

(EFE) – Ángel Romero, with a double, and Alejandro Romero Gamarra with a goal sealed the triumph of Paraguay 3-1 in a game that began losing with a penalty from Bolivia, which felt the last minute casualties due to covid and the early expulsion of Jaume Cuéllar.

The comeback triumph guaranteed the leadership of Group B of the Copa América.

Hours before Argentina and Chile had signed tables (1-1) in Rio de Janeiro. Uruguay will only debut on Thursday against Albiceleste.

Bolivia took the lead in their first attack, in the 9th minute, which was cleared by the hand of Santiago Arzamendia and sanctioned with a penalty that Erwin Saavedra executed a minute later.

The goal did not reflect what was seen: an Albirroja who came out for victory from minute one.

In the 19th the Peruvian referee Diego Haro reviewed in the VAR an obstruction of the Bolivian goalkeeper inside the area to Gabriel Avalos, who was dismissed for a previous offside.

Pressure at all times from the Albirroja, who gained in depth in attack with the news of coach Eduardo Berizzo: Roberto Piris and Romero Gamara as a pair in midfield.

The Paraguayans continued to generate and had the clearest scoring chance in minute 42, when Romero Gamarra did the hardest thing: to shoot wide while being a few meters from Cordano.

La Verde, with significant casualties such as that of its striker Marcelo Martins Moreno, focused on containing the rival while waiting for counterattacks with Saavedra as organizer and Gilbert Alvárez as the only man on top.

The manifest inferiority of the Andeans deepened at the end of the first half with the red one to Cuellar for a double warning.

Berizzo’s men came out to liquidate in the second against a submissive Bolivian team that saved the crossbar from what could have been the tying goal in ’59, at the whip of Romero Gamarro.

Paraguay continued without giving respite to the contrary, so that after three minutes came the equalizer, with a shot from outside the area by Romero Gamarra.

Shortly after, Ángel Romero returned, with the second and with the Bolivians already giving up the attack.

In that second half, only one offensive play by Bolivia, which led to a great shot from the recently-come Rodrigo Ramallo who was saved by Antony Silva.

However, the third from Paraguay was chewed, which came with a double from Ángel Romero, the most outstanding along with the other Romero (Gamarra).

– Data sheet:

3. Paraguay: Antony Silva; Alberto Espínola, Gustavo Gómez, Junior Alonso and Santiago Arzamendia; Mathias Villasanti (m.45, Richard Sánchez), Robert Piris (m.56, Carlos González) and Alejandro Romero Gamarra (m.86, Andrés Cubas); Gabriel Ávalos (d.86, Julio Enciso) and Ángel Romero and Miguel Almirón.

Coach: Eduardo Berizzo

1. Bolivia: Rubén Cordano; Jairo Quinteros, José Segredo, Adrián Jusino and Diego Bejarano; Leonel Justiniano (m.74 Erwin Sánchez), Boris Cespedes (m.45, Danny Bejarano), Erwin Saavedra (m.65, Diego Wallar) , Jaume Cuellar and Enrique Flores (45, Roberto Fernández); Gilbert Alvarez (m.70, Rodrigo Ramallo).

Coach: César Farias

Goals: 0-1, m.10: Erwin Saavedra, from a penalty. 1-1, m.62: Alejandro Romero ‘Kaku’ Gamarra. 2-1, m.65: Ángel Romero. 3-1 m.80: Ángel Romero.

Referee: Peruvian Diego Haro sent off Jaume Cuéllar (m.45 + 9) with a double warning and showed yellow cards to Santiago Arzamendia, Diego Bejarano, Enrique Flores and Alberto Espínola

Incidents: match of the first day of Group B of the Copa América played at the Olimpico in Goiania.

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