Red Bull’s Viral Challenge: Formula 1 vs a Plane Who Will Win?

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Red Bull

This Tuesday, Red bull surprised all the fans of the Formula 1 with a spectacular viral video. The energy drink brand, which is used to presenting several of these virals, again got its way with a tremendous video. Next to a airplane, which was advancing at high speed, ran a spectacular race on a highway.

As usual in this type of videos and challenges, the pilot who was in charge of driving the car was David coulthard. The Briton got into Formula 1 and competed against a plane Extra 300 SR. However, the latter had to accelerate and run in an inverted manner. The energy drink brand promoted its brand again, in a way rarely seen.

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The plane driver is not inexperienced. Is about Martin Sonka, 2018 World Champion pilot of the Red Bull Air Race, an extreme piloting competition. “The great thing about the movie is that everything is real. When the plane is only a few feet up, and upside down, that is real. Martin is a professional at the highest level, “says Coulthard. While there was no winner, this was done to re-advertise the brand.

For her part, Sonka assured that it was very difficult to drive an airplane in this way, especially in a competition. “We both had a very limited view of our cockpits. For me, flying at such a low and inverted altitude made me have to look straight ahead in order to control the height of the plane. The pilot also has to look ahead, and due to the restrictions he has, he cannot look up, “he said.

Finally, the pilot of the plane commented that they were able to solve the vision problem with a very simple element. “We placed a small mirror in front of him, so that he could see me and look ahead. It was amazing to fly in such a formation. I am a big fan of Formula 1, so seeing a car so close to the cockpit of my plane was something very special, “said Sonka, according to


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