Tremendous! Georges St-Pierre revealed how many millions he made at the end of his career

Georges St-Pierre.

The former champion and legendary fighter of UFC, Georges St-Pierre, went viral in the last hours. After leaving an open letter to fans, the Canadian revealed how he handled his professional career with regard to money and earnings. In that sense, he acknowledged being still at the top from the economic point of view, since he earned millions and millions for his great talent in the cage.

To start, St-Pierre He commented: “There is no union in the fighting game. So for us in MMA, negotiations can become a game of chess. Other organizations wanted me as their poster boy and the UFC knew it. So, like a poker bluff, we said, ‘We don’t want to re-sign before the fight, we just want to end the contract.’ We took a great risk.

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Because it’s like a stock exchange. Your stock may go up if you are successful, but it can also go down if you lose. But that’s what we decided to do. I took a lot of risk and told UFC that he was not going to re-sign with them. And then, the day before my fight with Jon Fitch, the UFC came back with a big and crazy contract because they didn’t want me to become a free agent, ”said the Canadian.

Impressive numbers

What’s more, Georges He summed up: “Did you read that I made $ 400,000 per game? No. I did a lot more than that. A lot more than that. Millions. When I was at the top of my career, I was making many millions of dollars. Because not only do you get the money to show and the money to win, but you also have a percentage of the door and pay-per-view purchases, the front door and the pay-per-view are where the real money is.

This is how fighters earn their money. I never would have had the career that I had. I knew my career was going to be too short to spend my money on luxury. For the fight with Michael Bisping, with the pay-per-view, the sponsorship and all that, I made about $ 10 million. Then in 2019, I got out. I am very healthy and I am rich. It is very rare to find someone who hangs up the gloves and ends up on top in this way, “he completed. Georges St-Pierre.

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