Will they give it to you? The super fight Brad Riddell wants for his next step in the UFC

Brad Riddell.

After his impressive image in the UFC 263, Brad Riddell goes for more and wants another star. The New Zealand fighter competing in the world’s leading MMA company is confident and wants a super fight for his next move. So speaking at the press conference after Saturday’s event, he made it clear that he is ready to take on Gregor gillespie.

Initially, Riddell He commented, “I wanted to fight a little bit cleaner, a little bit more taking it easy, but Drew is kind of a fighting force, he forces that style of dogfighting in the way he presents himself. It is very durable. My coaches told me to stand my ground and move, which I did sometimes. Other times, I just stood there and swayed.

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«I won and I am happy with that. I had to mix that fighting and fighting style between fighting and moving. I think that’s what beat me, and those random shots and takedowns. I think the blow was making him feel like he wasn’t too tired. It was the fight that tired him a little more, perhaps. I could feel and hear him tire a little more in those exchanges and that first one, that was forced because it rocked me and made me stagger, “he dictated.

Goes for everything

In addition, Brad He remarked: “Most of the people. when they rock you and you wobble, they usually dive to do a double leg or something, which I did. He just had to get back from it. It’s really not fun to fight. I’m not leaving, and as the fight drags on, I get better and most people get worse. It’s good to be victorious and expand my skills.

«I would like to make a stop there, I hope that will happen soon. I’m going to ask to fight with Gregor gillespie. I need to get that back after it was canceled in March, get that off my chest. He is an incredible fighter, he had a beautiful fight in the last one. I got a good one, so it would be great to face him and see who wins. ” Brad Riddell, thinking about what is coming.

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