Close to now: Julio César Chávez Jr. is eager to knock out Anderson Silva in the ring

Julio César Chávez Jr.

There is no doubt that the fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Y Anderson Silva it’s red hot. The crossing of boxing between the two is going around the world. It will be in a ring and will have the son of the boxing legend against one of the most important men of all time in Mixed Martial Arts. Thus, in an interview with MMA Fighting, the Mexican fighter heated up the story.

Starting with his words, after congratulating Brandon Moreno on his title, Chavez Jr. He said: “This particular fight with Anderson Silva is more competitive because it’s eight rounds, at 180 pounds a higher weight class than Chavez Jr. Anderson Silva he knows how to fight because he has boxed in the past. It’s a good fight and I think UFC fighters need to train more boxing like him. “

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«The promoters made the fight and asked me if I wanted to fight with Anderson Silva. They had a couple other names, but we chose Anderson Silva because I think he is the oldest fighter, the most important and the most famous. I trained hard, I’m in shape and it’s an interesting fight. I want to show that I am the boxer, that I am the best in the ring that night, of course. I’m training hard to fight the best, so I’m ready, “he said.

His previous sayings

Weeks ago, Julius Caesar He commented, ‘I’m surprised. Not for Anderson Silva, but many UFC fighters come to fight in boxing. I’m a bit surprised Anderson Silva accepted this challenge. At the same time, the fight is eight rounds, he weighs 180 pounds and that’s better for him. That makes the fight more even and the other thing that Anderson Silva fights two or three times in boxing. So he knows how to box.

I know it is a legend. I respect that. I think it is a very interesting fight. These days, that’s the most important thing. I think it’s a very good fight. I heard your name. Not much because I think he’s 45, 46 and I’m 35. I remember when the UFC started hearing his name, but not too much. I know who is. He is a great fighter. I hope a good athlete. A boy, he knows what he’s doing. He is not a great boxer but he knows it, “he concluded. Julio César Chávez Jr.

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