Errol Spence sets deadline to get fight with Crawford or will gain weight


Errol spence set a deadline to get a fight with Terence crawford, or outright, warned that you will gain weight if you do not get it.

As an ultimatum, Spence advised his promoters that he wants to face Crawford, after a potential win against Manny pacquiao. Spence talk about there being a belt at stake against Pacquiao, so most likely, the AMB return the Filipino to his super champion status, as has recently been speculated.

“Once I get that belt (from Pacquiao), as I told (the president of PBC) To the (Haymon), I want that fight with Crawford, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll probably go up (to 154 pounds) or something like that, ”he said. Errol spence during an interview with Barbershop Conversations. “I’m not going to waste my time trying to fight someone who says they no longer have any interest in me. He doesn’t want to fight me anymore. “

Errol spence emphasizes that he will seek to speak to the people of Top rank, company of Crawford, to see if there is any interest in the fight. And if there isn’t, he’ll go super welterweight.

“Most likely, he will have two more fights at 147,” the undefeated fighter announced. “I’m going to cross the street to (talk to Top rank y) see what they’re talking about. If you are not talking about anything, I will go up to 154. After the fight of Pacman, I hope we can make something happen (with Crawford) “.

Errol Spence spoke of the troubles between Crawford and Arum

Loaded with frankness, Errol spence spoke of the problems that existed between Terence crawford Y Bob arum.

Bob treats it like any owner deals with an athlete ”, he simplified Spence. “Basically, he treats it like property, or something like that. I feel like I don’t really respect Terence. Basically any kind of money I can get out of him, he’s probably going to get it out of him. Bob he’s frustrated with it. Yes Bob says something crazy,Crawford) is going to answer something crazy ”.

The Truth He also recalled how close he came to signing with Arum, after the 2012 Olympics.

“I was going to sign with Bob for about $ 400,000. I knew I was going to have to return that, “said the American. “My dad talked to To the, Y To the He offered me $ 2,000 a month (and advised me to focus on the future and retire with money). Many people and boxers praise To theAs long as you handle your affairs in the ring, he will make sure to handle your affairs outside the ring to make sure you are good. “

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