Formula 1: Mercedes boss reveals he suffers from “mental health problems”

Lewis Hamilton

In the last hours, Toto wolff, Head of the team Mercedes He surprised everyone by confessing that his first years in the top flight were difficult. In his words, mentality plays an important role and made him think of several opportunities to leave his job in the champion team: “I suffer from mental health problems”, He said in an interview.

Many often see the image of Toto Wolff in command of the most important team in the last years of the Formula 1. Under his tenure, the Mercedes team achieved seven consecutive titles in constructors and Lewis Hamilton achieved six of his seven crowns. Despite being at the highest level in terms of his position, the Austrian assured that he did not have a good time.

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Like many other people, I suffer from mental problems and I have a great team ”, he assured. However, he added that “It is not that he is pathologically ill. It is more that I recognize that all the people I have worked with have moments of inactivity and if they have a group around, the group will push forward ”. A few years ago, Wolff’s future was on the line, and the pandemic exacerbated his crisis.

The head of the German team seriously thought about leaving Formula 1 a year ago. “When the COVID-19 arrived, I did not really know if I wanted to continue in the sport, if it had been a one-off success or if I wanted to return to Economical (He is a shareholder of Mercedes). For months I couldn’t find an answer to my question and that makes you not be your best self. To protect the organization, you need to take care of yourself, “said the head of Mercedes, according to

Despite fulfilling his dreams, Wolff assures that he found a situation that was completely the one he expected when he reached Formula 1. “For me, everyone who worked for the teams was living the perfect life, 20 years later I am in the same situation. There are times when we simply need to understand that we simply have bad days, weeks or months in which we need to spend time with ourselves and try to understand what makes us happy or not, “he said.

Source: Mercedes-AMG F1 official Twitter.

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