From the ‘Charro’ Lara to Funes Mori, the naturalized Argentines who played in the Mexican National Team

From the 'Charro' Lara to Funes Mori, the naturalized Argentines who played in the Mexican National Team

We present to you the naturalized Argentines who have been part of the Mexican National Team.

Rogelio Funes Mori becomes the eighth Mexican naturalized Argentine who plays for the Mexican team. The bond between El Tri and Argentina was born in 1956, since then, Guillermo Franco is the one who has scored the most games and goals, while Lucas Ayala is the one who has had the least participation with the Aztec team.

Carlos lara

The ‘Charro’, as the one born in Bahia, Argentina was known, came to Mexico in 1956 to play for Zacatepec, from River Plate. It was in 1961 when he finally represented the Mexican team, although he only did it for four games, as an injury marginalized him from the 1962 World Cup in Chile.

Matches: 4

Goals: 0

Gabriel Caballero

Santos opened the doors to Caballero in 1996 and later he would become the second naturalized Mexican Argentine who wears the shirt of the Tri. It was until 2002, heading to Korea / Japan, when he was summoned by Javier Aguirre. Mexico He only played eight games, five friendlies and three more in the 2002 World Cup.

Games: 8

Goals: 0

Guillermo Franco

He is the Argentine naturalized Mexican with the most matches and goals with the Mexican team. The ‘Guille’ was part of the Tri for the World Cup processes in Germany 2006, with Ricardo La Volpe, who called him up for the first time, and with Javier Aguirre for South Africa 2010. He played 25 games, of which seven were World Cup, while contributed with seven touchdowns and three assists.

Games: 25

Goals: 7

Matías Vuoso

He was part of Argentina’s U-20 team, but he arrived at the Mexican team in 2008, after landing in the Aztec football team in 2003. Sven-Göran Eriksson was the coach who took him to Tri, with which he played 15 games. The ‘Toro’ contributed with an assist and with six annotations, the most remembered against Canada, at a critical moment in the qualifying rounds for South Africa 2010.

Games: 15

Goals: 6

Lucas Ayala

He was only summoned for one match with the Mexican team. Sven-Göran Eriksson was the coach who took him to a friendly match against Sweden. Ayala was a starter in that commitment, but only played 59 minutes of the match that Tri lost 0-1.

Matches: 1

Goals: 0

Damien Alvarez

The ‘Chilindrina’ played two games with the Mexican team, both with José Manuel de la Torre on the Tri bench. Álvarez only added 50 minutes with the Aztec team. He played 16 minutes in his debut, which was against Colombia in 2012, and a year later he was 34 minutes in the match against Ivory Coast.

Matches: 2

Goals: 0

Christian gimenez

‘Chaco’ played for Argentina’s U-20 and years later he was called up by Diego Armando Maradona for the albiceleste, but he did not play.

José Manuel de la Torre was the coach who led him to El Tri in 2013, the only year he was with Mexico. Dressed in green he only played five matches, in which he could not be present on the scoreboard.

Matches: 5

Goals: 0

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