It all came out: Gillian Robertson fell in love with UFC fans on Instagram

Gillian Robertson.

Renowned Canadian martial artist from UFC, Gillian robertson, he fell in love with all his fans. In his social networks, with played posts, he earned thousands of positive comments. The fighter stands out in her division, but also on digital platforms. She is very active, so her images drive the thousands of fans she has crazy and this time it was no exception.

Of course, Dana White has a very good look at her, so she will probably have very good opportunities in 2021. No one doubts her abilities, understanding that her greatest skill is on the mat and in submissions. However, the American also has very good movements standing on the cage, so her punches could be just as lethal as her shots.

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Weeks ago, Gillian robertson She said: “I know that if I want to be the champion one day, I have to beat all these girls in the division. So if I can’t beat Santos, then I don’t deserve to have the belt. If I’m going to work up there, I’ll take any fight. Even through my camps, I feel like they are trying to pressure me and put me through tough mental situations. And try to break me in those moments.

His last fight

At UFC 260, Miranda Maverick showed what she’s made of and killed the Canadian. After the judges’ cards, the aforementioned was able to defeat Gillian robertson in three rounds and take away, for the moment, the chance of reaching the long-awaited title fight. Undoubtedly, it was not finished with a submission or knockout, but it did manage to be one of the most entertaining of the night.

The experienced Robertson he arrived eager to return to victory, after his last defeat. Being that way, you will have to keep training hard to achieve the same goal. In fact, on social media he is shown practicing very hard to be able to enter the octagon and kill whoever is in front. Those are his plans for every battle from now on.

Gillian Robertson post on Instagram.

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