It is positive: Jamahal Hill warned that he will be able to return earlier than planned to the UFC

Jamahal Hill.

After the terrible injury suffered in the UFC 263, Jamahal hill gave previews on what’s next for him. Taking into account the dislocation of his elbow, he expressed that it was less than he imagined and that he may be able to return before his time. Speaking to TMZ Sports, after falling with Paul craig, he made it clear that he wants a rematch at some point in his career, confident that he can beat him.

At the beginning, Hill He stated: ‘It’s not as bad as it seemed. There is no rest. My elbow was quite dislocated, but they were able to put it back in and the doctor said it’s rock solid. You’re doing all the movement you need, it’s only going to hurt for a while. I will follow up with my doctor when I get home and we will leave from there. Hopefully I can come back soon. It gave me the opportunity to try to get something spectacular.

Terrible! Paul Craig breaks Jamahal Hill’s arm at UFC 263

“It was a bit of discomfort the first time I looked down and saw it, the pain didn’t really register, it was just ‘Win’. It was just the competitor in me. I tried to knock him out. I was like, ‘Okay, you have to land that shot, try to knock him out.’ That’s what I looked for, but it was pretty bad for me not being able to post with my arm at the time. I wanted to try to get that knockout still, “he also expressed.

He knows what he wants

Parallel, Jamahal He commented, “The only thing I can do from that point is, ‘How is my face on the ground? Learn. Good lesson. All right, this happened. ‘ Instantly my mind is growing, how can I grow from here? I got up and went to the referee, I stood before the official decision to show respect to my opponent, to show respect for the game. I went and took my bags and now I am going to adjust and I am going to return ».

If he was one of my boys, he would have wanted me to protect him. We will definitely have to rerun that at some point. I feel like with what he’s done recently he deserves to move on and move on and I have to handle whatever I have to handle through the loss that I just went through, but definitely. I hope he continues to win so that the next time we see each other it will be for some serious marbles, “he added. Jamahal hill.

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