Jorge Lorenzo and his life off the slopes: «I am happier»

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo withdrew from competition at the end of 2019, when I had a lot of thread on the spool. A rider who was a five-time world champion in motorcycling, and who devoted himself to racing, seemed to leave his life behind. However, today, outside the circuits and with other goals in mind, he confesses that he does not miss running at the highest level again: “I am happier”.

On 2020, the pandemic of coronavirus it seriously affected several athletes. Lorenzo, who was being a tester for Yamaha, was one of them. The lack of evidence harmed his work and the brand decided to fire him. However, the Spanish rider is no longer thinking about a possible return and in an interview for his country’s television, he assures that he does not want to think about motorcycles.

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I am happier than when I was runningBecause the truth is that I am a very perfectionist, and when I do something I do it a thousandfold. I was all day on how to be better, thinking about it all day, ”said the former Yamaha rider and Sling. Despite not wanting to be at the highest level, Lorenzo says he misses his golden moments in the World Cup paddock.

“I miss winning, I have always been very competitive, since I was little I have had that competitive gene. What I liked was winning, more than riding a motorcycle. Going on a motorcycle was the tool to win ”, added Lorenzo. Currently the Spanish rider is away from the paddock, but in a small way he is still with MotoGP: analyze and predict the races of each weekend on your channel Youtube.


In 2019, Lorenzo surprised everyone by announcing his retirement at the end of the season. What drew attention is that the Spaniard left while he was in the best team of the entire grid. “Unfortunately, when I signed for Honda everything was super exciting, people talked about ‘dream team’ with Marc Márquez. But I did not adapt to the bike, and the results did not come out. I was still having a contract with Honda, I had one more year, but I could not hold it, “confessed the Spaniard.

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