Néstor Ortigoza in FOOTBALL 90: “I want Franco Di Santo to stay in San Lorenzo, we have a great team”

Néstor Ortigoza in FOOTBALL 90: "I want Franco Di Santo to stay in San Lorenzo, we have a great team"

Nestor Ortigoza made his return to San Lorenzo, the club where he is an idol and won the highest title in the history of the institution scoring the winning goal and being the captain of the cast. In dialogue with FOOTBALL 90, with Sebastian Vignolo, the midfielder referred to the situation of the possible departure of Franco Di Santo and noted that he would like the forward to stay. He also referred to the relationship with the brothers Ángel Romero and Óscar Romero and stated that “they are national team players.”

The old acquaintance of the Cyclone responded to the query if he had a dialogue with the new manager of the club Mauro Cetto on the possible sale of the former Chelsea attacker and ‘Orti’ stressed that “I told him not to sell to anyone, if we have a great team. We have good names and we have to build the team.”

On the other hand, he was consulted about the particular situation of the intern in the San Lorenzo locker room and the issues that occurred with the Romero brothers, teammates at the midfielder in the Paraguayan National Team, and stated that “we are going to have a good vibes for sure, because with them I had a good vibe in the National Team. Now we are going to be here day by day and improving, I don’t come here to challenge anyone or hit them with the whip “.

The midfielder also recounted how the return to San Lorenzo was forged and pointed out that “he called me Mauro Cetto to come back. We were chatting to see what their idea was like and my desire was to go back and retire here in San Lorenzo. I know how the Colo works and the staff it has “.

Regarding his status as a player, the 2014 Libertadores champion with the Cyclone stated that “I know how I will return. I return at 36 years old, with much more experience, I see everything completely different and I come to fight for a position. And to do that I have to be well, and to be well I can’t give anything away and that’s why I started training and didn’t want to stop. “

Ortigoza, who has just played several seasons with Estudiantes de Río Cuarto in the Primera Nacional, spoke of the difficulty of playing in the Argentine promotion and stressed that “the player has to adapt to where he is. If you are good you have to play well everywhere. ” However, he highlighted some infrastructure issues that make a difference with First Division clubs: “out there the fields are not so good, you don’t have so many tools to work with, it’s more lung,” he said.

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