She’s happy: Lauren Murphy keeps rising in the UFC and wants to explode in 2021

Lauren Murphy.

Without a doubt, Lauren murphy He showed wonders on the Saturday that passed, in what was the UFC 263. After the event, in an interview with What the Heck, the experienced American fighter referred to what was her crossing with Joanne Calderwood, whom he dominated throughout the match. So, knowing that she is among the best in the division, she hopes to have a 2021 to remember.

To start, Murphy He commented: “Honestly, I’m disappointed in myself for not finishing in the second round, but that’s really the kind of competitor I am. I was really bummed, I actually cried about it after the fight when we got back to the hotel. I was so mad at myself for not finishing the fight and when we came back and saw him it was like he was there.

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I wanted it so bad. I went into this fight believing that I could end it and that I was going to make such a big statement, so I came so close to having that performance. But at this level it’s seconds and inches. I was seconds and inches away from finishing that fight and I was disappointed in myself for not doing it. But that’s why I am the competitor that I am, “summed up the fighter.

He’s firm in the UFC

In addition, Lauren he dictated, “That’s why I show so much growth between fights. So if there’s any frustration, I think that’s what it’s about, it’s that I couldn’t complete that ending in time. Okay, I’m super happy with the win, I think I showed a lot of growth and was a bit irritated for being a split decision. One hundred percent should have been a 10-8. If it moved to her stomach at all, it would carry her back and strangle her.

“If she moved more on her back, I would have ridden her and beat her to death. He had to stand on his side and defend with one arm for, like, four minutes or something like that. That’s crazy. The only other person who can do that in our division is Valentina Shevchenko. The only other person who has rounds like that in our damn division is the champion, right? ” Lauren murphy.

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