“There is bad milk towards Fury; hatred is my motivation to destroy it ”, warns Deontay Wilder

Hay mala leche hacia Fury; el odio es mi motivación para destruirlo, advierte Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder warned that he hates Tyson fury, and that this feeling is his motivation to destroy him on July 24 in the third fight between the two.

“I’m going to do more than punish him, I’m going to do the most brutal thing you can imagine,” he warned. Wilder in an interview with British media. “I hate him now, he has no value to me, there is bad blood and there always will be. Hate is a motivation to destroy it, that’s what the devil does every day.

Wilder ensures that he had never had a feeling like this against a fighter before. Accuses Tyson fury having loaded his gloves to hurt him in the second fight between them.

“I have never felt this way about any opponent before. Dominic Breazeale It was the last one that disgusted me the most, ”said the one from Alabama about Breazeale, whom he knocked out in 137 seconds of combat. “Many people are watching and listening, but on July 24 we will reveal everything.”

Wilder spoke of his loss to Fury and his momentary retirement

Aware of what happened, Deontay Wilder he assumed his defeat with Tyson fury and he talked about it, in addition to the time he was away from boxing.

“The long hiatus has been good for me and bad for him,” he explained. Wilder. “I had time to progress, they should have given me the fight earlier, but they ran away and tried to dodge me after I did the right thing for him and put food on his family’s table. Many things will be different, and the world will see it. During the pandemic I trained non-stop and I have been building ”.

Deontay Wilder claims to feel renewed motivation for the third fight with Fury.

“The defeat has not affected me, I have always been happy, I have been able to spend time with my family and now I am ready to act. Whatever I do Tyson In this third fight, I will have an answer. Just like when the phone rings, ”the American continued.

Wilder assures that he was never in doubt that there would be a third fight with Fury, despite the fact that English had already closed a unification with Anthony Joshua.

“I didn’t feel anything and we had a lot of confidence because we knew we were right and they knew it too,” said the former heavyweight world champion. “I was training when the arbitration resolution came and when I heard the verdict we trained even harder. Justice was done in that part and now justice will also be done to me on July 24 ”.

Wilder he insists on the cheating accusations he has been making about Tyson fury.

“We are dealing with a known drug cheater (Fury), ”Wilder noted. “Anyone knows that gloves don’t bend 90 degrees, people didn’t care what they were seeing. The mission is the same, it never changed. A champion, a face, a name ”.

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