Vélez 5-Boca 1: Diego, Chilavert and Castrilli, protagonists of an unforgettable match

Vélez 5-Boca 1: Diego, Chilavert and Castrilli, protagonists of an unforgettable match

On one side, Maradona, Caniggia, Verón, Kily González, with Carlos Salvador Bilardo on the bench. The selection? No, Boca Juniors del Narigón armed by Mauricio Macri who had renewed himself to be champion.

On the other, Vélez Sarsfield, the Vélez de Carlos Bianchi, no less. A team that made history, that had just won the Libertadores, the Intercontinental and that dominated the Argentine soccer scene with a solid gait and with the Viceroy’s trademark.

Of course, El Fortín did not lack renowned players. For instance, José Luis Chilavert was in goal… Bah, in both goals, because in that historic match he scored two goals, one from a penalty and the other after an exquisite free kick. Chila finished the tournament with four goals converted, one of them scored against Mono Burgos against River: yes, how can we forget it, that unforgettable goal from the midfield …

As an extra condiment, Javier Castrilli directed. The Sheriff himself, used to not trembling when drawing yellow and red cards, and not being afraid of big teams. With Maradona in the final stretch of his career on one side, rebellious and outspoken, and Castrilli on the other, anything could happen. And it happened.

Boca lost 5 to 1. At the end of the first half he was left with two less men. Nestor Fabbri and Maradona saw the red one. And Carlos Mac Allister was also expelled at the close of the match.

Vélez took to the field with: José Luis Chilavert; Flavio Zandoná, Héctor Banegas, Mauricio Pellegrino, Raúl Cardozo; Marcelo Herrera, Marcelo Gómez, Christian Bassedas, Patricio Camps; Fernando Pandolfi and José Oscar Flores.

Boca formed as follows: Carlos Navarro Montoya; Fernando Gamboa, Néstor Fabbri, Carlos Mac Allister; José Basualdo, Fabián Carrizo, Cristian González, Juan Sebastián Verón, Diego Maradona; Claudio Caniggia and Darío Scotto.

The end was very different from the beginning. Boca had taken the lead with a goal from Caniggia, after hitting a header that bounced off the crossbar. But right away, Patricio Camps also headed a rebound off the crossbar of the front goal and scored the equalizer.

A draw questioned in an afternoon of controversy: it seemed that the Mono Navarro Montoya had rejected the ball before it entered the goal.

Within an even game marked by tension, everything began to be defined at the end of the first half. First, Chilavert perfectly executed a free kick that left Navarro Montoya stopped. Then, Castrilli sanctioned a controversial penalty for an alleged push by Mac Callister: again Chilavert became the scorer for the 3 to 1.

At that time Boca was a lack of control inside and outside the court. Néstor Fabbri saw the red for protesting, and the game was delayed because Boca fans (yes, at that time there were visiting public on the fields) had hung from the fence and were breaking it in protest of the judge’s actions.

To add insult to injury, Maradona would also be expelled by Castrilli. That image of Diego protesting before an immutable referee remained to be remembered, who looked at him with his characteristic stone face and did not answer any of Pelusa’s questions and accusations.

“Master, explain to me why, please, is he dead? No, he is not dead, let’s talk, let’s talk like human beings, like men … “

“Leave it, leave it, he is not going to answer you,” Monto Navarro Montoya told him in the middle of the claims at 10. That phrase generated even greater anger from Maradona, which ended up exploding and exclaiming: he’s going to answer it’s a button, it’s a button, he’s a son of a bitch … “

Already in the second half everything was from Vélez. With two men less and the match distorted, the xeneize team suffered against a rival who had no mercy and who scored two more goals: one against Fernando Gamboa, and another against Turu Flores.

Near the end of the match, Bianchi decided to play for the Velezan tribune: the Viceroy of Liniers brought Chilavert out to earn the well-deserved ovation of his audience. Instead of the Paraguayan goalkeeper, a promising young man from the quarry entered: Sandro Guzmán, who would later have a happy passage through Boca. Thus, Vélez ended the game with 11 players from the club.

It was an unforgettable day for those from Liniers, who on that date would stay with the top and then they would be Clausura champions and two-time champions of Argentina. For that Boca full of figures it was the beginning of the end of another illusion, at a time when it was hard for him to win titles.

The whole of La Ribera would have to wait a couple of years to regain confidence. Waiting, among other things, for the Viceroy to leave Vélez, and after a frustrated step by Roma, make his arrival in Boca concrete to start a glorious era.

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