What pride for him! The Mexican legends who praised Brandon Moreno

Brandon Moreno.

In the UFC 263, Brandon Moreno he became the new flyweight champion and accomplished something historic. The brand new Mexican Mixed Martial Arts fighter managed to get into the greatest of the company, since he is the first in his country to achieve this achievement. Thus, his name is among the best of all time, which is why he fulfilled the dream of millions of athletes and sportsmen.

In these hours, Julio Cesar Chavez and his son, a boxing legend and another star with potential, spoke with MMA Junkie in Spanish and congratulated their compatriot. Both left important words for the new King of the Flyweight of UFC, the one who will surely be proud of it. In addition, he has already received the praise of the whole world, after an exemplary performance.

Who is Brandon Moreno? The brand new Mexican UFC champion who made history

Initially, Chavez He commented on the champion: “Yes, of course I heard the news. I want to send you a greeting. He gave me great joy and I want to congratulate him publicly. He really put up a great fight. Campus Brandon Moreno. He is a child of many talents and abilities and, thank God, he achieved his dream. I think you should already know that the difficult thing is not to arrive, but to stay ».

“I think his feet are well on the ground and I think he will be a champion for a long time, God willing,” he closed Julius Caesar. In turn, his son, Chavez Jr., also expressed his liking for “The Assassin Baby”: “I did not know much about him, but these days it is normal to see that the fighters of UFC They come to boxing because they have better paydays and that’s interesting, you know.

Moreno’s happiness

In the post-UFC 263 conference, Brown He argued, ‘I can’t believe it. This moment is so special. I always try to joke around and play with everyone, but today was a very emotional day for me, you know? I started crying because I feel it deep in my heart. I worked really hard for that fucking belt. Today I have to have it with me. I’m so happy right now.

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