Who will win? The most surprising challenge of all: Marc Márquez vs videogames

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez it’s back. The Spanish driver was absent for almost a year due to an injury at the racing circuit. Sherry at the beginning of the 2020 championship. However, a year later, on the same circuit, the eight-time champion challenged none other than the World Champion of MotoGP on Esports. In this challenge, the drivers gave their best lap of the Spanish circuit.

The team driver Repsol Honda took a lap around the Jerez circuit, while Adrian Montenegro, I did it in a PlayStation at the same time. While this is a promotional video for its sponsors, the challenge was real. Marquez took a turn, as did Montenegro. The eight-time MotoGP champion was the winner, by almost half a second.

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In the video found on the official page of Red bull, Márquez spoke about what the world of video games represents to him, a hobby he must have ‘enjoyed’ while recovering from his shoulder injury. The Spaniard confirmed that not only does he play MotoGP video games, but that he immerses himself in other categories.

Video game

“I play a lot of video games, I don’t know why I like competition games. Maybe he is not the one who plays the most, but there is always the opportunity to play some MotoGP games and I have a simulator at home for the Formula 1“Said the eight-time World Champion in the interview collected by the Spanish media Motosan.es

On the other hand, Márquez commented on what it meant to him and his brother, Alex Marquez, being able to choose yourself in a video game. “When I was in a video game for the first time that I could choose myself at home, I was freaking out. My brother was younger, so we both freaked out. It was fighting to see who chose Marc Márquez. It is always a pride that children can choose you ”.

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