El Maestro Tabárez: the moment of Uruguay, the debut against Argentina and the importance of Messi

El Maestro Tabárez: the moment of Uruguay, the debut against Argentina and the importance of Messi

Oscar Washington Tabárez spoke this Thursday at a press conference about the debut of the Uruguayan Selection on the Brazil America’s Cup. La Celeste will face this Friday Argentina for the second date of Group A and the Master spoke of the moment of his team, about the rival and was also asked if he plans to make an individual mark on Lionel messi.

Tabárez began the conference by highlighting that the uncertainty generated by this context of a global pandemic can influence the performance of the national teams in the contest: “To give a simple case, players get sick from coronavirus and the potential of the teams is already altered. We will not know what reality will be and if it will be the most difficult, but that does not have to do with me being closer to the end than to the beginning in all this of being a coach of the National Team”.

The coach appreciated that he had been able to have a few more days of work prior to his debut in the tournament and stressed that the next opponent could be observed, who on Monday faced Chile. “In qualifying matches we have not had that possibility and it has cost us more to prepare for the matches, We go to the game with enthusiasm and we are clear about what we should try”, He stressed.

The coach said about the rival: “We will face a highly qualified team, with a good game. Against Chile it was seen that he approached the rival area many times with mixed luck in the opportunities he had, but he knows how to take the ball to attack and has a player like Messi who is a king of precision, both on field plays and on still ball, and This means that the potential of the team can appear at any time. We know that and we also know the degree of concentration and the attitude we must have ”.

“We came to the Copa América not to give any exhibition, but to try to go as far as possible,” said the experienced coach.

Asked directly if he plans to determine an individual mark on Messi, Tabárez pointed out: “We are going to take into account what Messi is like in all previous games; his performances, beyond the fact that he always surprises with his talent, have many points in common so that a profile of his movements can be made on the court ”.

“But if the question refers to an individual brand, no. Poor who has to do that. I have seen in other teams that have tried it sometime, very few, and some may have given some sporadic result, but the question is if Messi’s team wins, not putting a player who looks good for marking Messi and then losing the match. No individual brand but preferential attention”, Said the technical director of Uruguay.

This Friday, La Celeste will face the cast led by Lionel Scaloni, a 43-year-old DT. The Master commented on this point: “It will be the youngest coach against the oldest, although I always make the exception that the coaches do not play, our part continues during the game but it is much less than everything we do before and after” .

“Scaloni is a technician who had a background in youth teams, he was having opportunities, and due to the results and promotion of young footballers he was affirming himself, and I believe that today the Argentine National Team has the identity that Scaloni has given it, that is also a point strong of the team, from the collective point of view they know what they play ”, commented the Uruguayan.

In turn, Tabárez valued the midfield and the play by the bands of the Albiceleste team, highlighting what Nicolás González did and that the Argentine team is also strong in the quiet ball plays in attack.

Regarding the present of the Uruguayan National Team, the Master highlighted how the match will be faced: “You have to have confidence and attitude, but also have a peace of mind that it is not a final, it is the beginning of a series against a qualified rival and beyond. of the circumstances we see it as a classic and it is not just any game, footballers know it, Uruguayans feel that way and that is also part of what is going to be played this Friday”.

Uruguay has drawn 0-0 in the last two qualifying games (against Paraguay and Venezuela), which has generated various criticisms, of which Tabárez wanted to mark distance.

“I never fall into drama, those who say we don’t play anything fell into drama, among the possible things this Friday we may lose, draw or win, and if the latter happens we’ll see what they will say. Furthermore, sthe team’s game was never so good I don’t know why then there were so many expectationsThey are things that I do not understand and that I worry a lot about not invading the footballers. We are to accept the reality that comes to us, we know what we want and that sometimes we can achieve it and sometimes not, and I worry about that, about not being in any climate of defeatism or anything like that”, He assured.

“I don’t know of any team that always loses, and I don’t know of any team that always wins. We do not feel obliged to be champions and otherwise it is useless. In 2019 I think we had a good Cup and we couldn’t win it. I work a lot so that some things do not reach the footballers who are the truly important, because within the field decisions are made that lead to winning or losing the games, the responsibility always remains with the DT and his coaching staff ”, stressed the Master.

Tabárez also regretted not being able to count on FIFA Dates to gradually incorporate footballers to the blue team and commented that the friendly played against Argentina in November 2019 (tie 2 to 2 in Tel Aviv) can serve to take some elements, since both coaches were the same ones who are going to face this Friday and some players are also going to be in this match for the Copa América.

Finally, Tabárez stressed how unpredictable football can be and stressed that there are other teams that are in a position to reach the final beyond Argentina or Brazil. “The final of the 2019 Cup was not a very predictable final, and yet it was Brazil with Peru with all the laws, and that can also happen.”

What happens we will see and evaluate, but we are going to worry about ourselves and about the rivals that we play.”, Concluded the coach of the Uruguayan National Team.

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