Fede Valverde: the Copa América in Brazil, his greatest responsibility in the game and his permanent self-demand

Fede Valverde: the Copa América in Brazil, his greatest responsibility in the game and his permanent self-demand

Federico Valverde spoke this Tuesday exclusively with ESPN.com.uy and commented on his greater responsibility in the game, both for the Uruguayan National Team and for Real Madrid. The midfielder also assured that La Celeste is in debt in terms of its collective performance, spoke about the match against Argentina for the Copa América and affirmed that it always seeks perfection in its performance.

Here are the best phrases from the interview:


“(In each call) there is always that illusion that you feel when you were a child to wear the National Team shirt, that pride, that effort that you fought with your family, with your parents, with your brothers, with my partner now, with my son , who are always supporting. That fills you with pride and happiness every time you see your name on the list ”.

“I believe that wearing the National Team shirt always carries responsibility, whether you are 18 or 30 years old. It happens that sometimes it changes, I don’t know if it’s the word, the ego that each one has, which is gaining more prominence over the years. I feel that I have more prominence in the team and sometimes I have to go out to show it, show that maturity that I have achieved during these years at Real Madrid and every time I came to Uruguay I received advice and help from different teammates, I have to translate that into the field later ”.

“That responsibility of taking the ball to the opponent’s field, that responsibility that, if you lose the ball, you have to keep trying and not hide behind your teammates. When you are young sometimes you have those nerves that run you, which is normal, lose a ball or two and it seems that your world is falling apart. As the years go by you take much more maturity that nothing happens, that it is football and that the best is the one who tries, and when you miss, you have to keep trying ”.


“The match can be seen as a classic between Argentina-Uruguay, a very nice match, not only at the level of the game but also because of what runs to the players, we always want to go for victory, we never back down. . We know that they have very good players, that it will not be an easy game, but we also have our weapons, we have to show what we know how to do on the pitch. It is not easy to mark Messi or any Argentine player, they are very good from first to last, they have a great game plan and we have to be well prepared, focused and try to realize the opportunities we have.

“Regarding Messi, you have to be very attentive, not only with him but with everyone, but of course there is that tension that he generates in rivals; you have to be more focused and prepared. But we are not only going to defend, but we are also going to attack and seek victory as we always do with Uruguay ”.


“Not only the youngsters, but all of us from the first to the last have that illusion of winning. We are very excited, we know that when Uruguay plays we all come together for the same goal, seeking to win as a country. We young people when we see figures like Luis (Suárez), Edi (Cavani) and Diego (Godín) train with us or that they are giving their all on the field, it fills us with pride and gives you that plus that, if they don’t let of trying, we less; If they are going to push, we have to go with them. We cannot leave them alone, they always have to be supported by us young people and tell them that we are young, but we are going to fight to the death for them and for the country ”.

Did Uruguay fall short of what was planned against Paraguay and Venezuela? In debt? “Yes, because we always go for the victory. When you do not achieve victory, you always have that bitter taste. In the two games, I’m not telling you that we did a great job, but defensively we were good; we must improve in the attack, those chances we had we did not know how to take advantage of. You have to put them in, when you score the goals the game changes and the rival has to go looking. It is all more different. With Paraguay, the first half was hard, neither we nor they played. In addition, I think that we dominate more, we play more in the opponent’s field, we needed to finish the plays and that is the important thing, the one who scores the most goals wins, not the one who plays better. Against Venezuela it was a stuck game, the plays did not come out, defensively it took us a little to adjust. Ultimately, when we think we can win the game, we don’t take advantage of the opportunities, we regret it and we get to another draw that we didn’t want ”.

“Sometimes more communication is lacking, or more concentration on certain parts of the game. Defensively we were very good, we finished with the goal in zero in both games but in attack we needed to associate more, capable of reaching more from the outside. Sometimes we would arrive with centers and there was no one in the area, or Luis had three markers. Able that the flyers we had to get a little more. Luckily we have training to be able to do it, we had many days to work against Argentina and now we have to translate it into the field ”.


“I am very self-critical. My wife tells me ‘don’t attack yourself so much, you’re human, you can make mistakes’; but I like to be perfect. Obviously I’m never going to be perfect, I always have things to improve, but I like to do everything the right way. I am very self-critical, I watched the games against Paraguay and Venezuela several times. In Paraguay I had some plays where I finished badly and against Venezuela I missed passes that you say could have ended in goal plays “

“I usually have my game to watch, the plays in which I participate and I am seeing what to improve, what to correct. Also good decisions because if not, I always back down. My wife, my family support me; I try to listen to those advice and when I come to train to correct those passes, those changes from the front that sometimes do not reach their destination and you are left with that bitter taste and you say: I have to improve ”.

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