Florentino says goodbye to Ramos: “You will always be the man from the tenth, minute 93”

Florentino says goodbye to Ramos: "You will always be the man from the tenth, minute 93"

When he was 19, Sergio Ramos arrived at Real Madrid and since then he began to win the affection of the fans with good performances, so President Florentino Pérez said goodbye to him with emotional words.

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, said goodbye, visibly moved, to Sergio Ramos, after 16 seasons and 22 titles with the club, assuring that “it is not an easy day” because the captain has been “really special” for him, the time he left the door open, assuring that the white set “will always be” his home.

It is not an easy day, because you have been someone really special to me and because you and I have suffered, enjoyed and lived together the recent and successful history of our Real Madrid. I wish you to be happy with yours wherever you are. This will always be your home, you will be one of the great ambassadors of Real Madrid ”, he said at the farewell event for Ramos.

“It is very difficult to achieve what you have achieved at Real Madrid. Beyond this, you will forever be one of our great captains and one of our most beloved. We thank you for what you have represented and for increasing the legend of our club and contributing to making Madrid more admired around the world, he commented.

Florentino Pérez began by recalling how it was the moment of his signing for Real Madrid 16 years ago: “This act is full of feeling and emotions for all Madridistas and for me, of course. It is not an easy day. It has been many years with Sergio, many games and above all a time full of intensity, affection and a lot of affection. I will not forget that September 8, 2005 when Sergio Ramos arrived at the Santiago Bernabéu to be presented, he said.

You were 19 years old, a few games in the First Division and a huge desire to take over the world. It was my first signing of a Spanish player for the first team. A boy from Beds with an immense determination to succeed. It was not easy, but we were convinced that his arrival was going to mark an era ”, he recalled.

The president wanted to highlight the values ​​that Sergio Ramos has represented: “You have traced one of the most spectacular trajectories in the history of our club. I am enormously proud of what you have accomplished. You have been a reference for our fans and you are one of the great legends of Real Madrid ”.

You have been our iconic captain for years. Madridistas will always carry you in their hearts and will always keep you in their memory as a player who never gives up. Thanks to everything you have given for our club and for defending our shirt until the end ”, he added.

What’s more, Florentino recalled the most iconic moment of Sergio Ramos’ career at Real Madrid: “In any corner of the world you will always be the man from La Décima. Your 93rd minute in Lisbon will be a symbol of what the history of this club represents ”.

At the end of the event, Florentino Pérez presented him with the gold and diamond insignia of the white team and later photographed himself, together with his family and the president, surrounded by the 22 trophies he had won.

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