Get fans excited: Anderson Silva makes boxing debut this weekend

Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva, UFC legend, will enter a ring of boxing for the first time since 2005. The former champion of the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts company will collide with Julio César Chávez Jr. There is no doubt that both will leave one of the most watched fights in these years, taking into account what the last name of each one means within these disciplines.

Therefore, in dialogue with MMA Junkie, Silva He began by saying, “I put my heart in and helped put the UFC on a different level. Of course my era ended in the UFC, but I just ended my contract because when I came to the UFC I was a free man. When I leave the UFC, I am a free man. I just want to do something that I love to do. People can’t hold you.

Close to now: Julio César Chávez Jr. is eager to knock out Anderson Silva in the ring

“And let me tell you something important, no one can say something for you, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that.’ You can do everything in your life when you have passion and love. Of course, maybe George (St-Pierre) has a contract, then he has a contract, but that doesn’t make sense. Dana White does not need this “, also indicated the Brazilian, who comes from the worst finish in the UFC with a knockout against.

Look for new paths

On the other hand, Anderson He commented on how he decided to quit MMA and what happened to Dana White’s company: “I put it on the table many, many years ago that opportunity to show the world. I gave the UFC the opportunity to change everything, but it didn’t. It is not happening right now and it is fine. I think now everything is new and people want to see the entertainment.

“Everything is possible. Now I’m just trying to challenge myself. Maybe I fight on the same card that my son is fighting in kickboxing. Maybe fight jiu-jitsu – GI or no GI. Maybe muay-thai. I am very excited to go to Thailand, train and fight in Thailand. I do not know. Everything is possible », he completed Anderson Silva, who will have a tough opponent on his debut.

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